Have you been hugged lately?

Have you been hugged lately? It’s a wonderful feeling.

Get one today!
Get one today!

I am new to hugs. I would give a half – hearted one and let the person go, till one day my daughter’s new friend, met me for the first time. She immediately got up and gave me one of the tightest – I wont let you go soon- kind of hug. I was surprised and I admit it took me a few moments to reach out and hug her back. I also admit that I was a bit taken aback and thought it was a bit much, but when I left the room and went into my own, I remember feeling this fuzzy warm feeling, like I have never felt before. It was a I ask for nothing back – hug.

I have always hugged and cuddled the kids. And it has held me in good stead, because even now at the threshold of adulthood, they are still easy to hug, and now I need it more than them.

I have a cousin. He always hugs as a greeting. A nice warm, huge hug, accompanied by, a hearty laugh. His eyes light up, his never- been – cut moustache curls into his cheeks and, we all get left feeling so very special.

So often when I am at a loss for words, I just give a hug. What can oft repeated words convey that a hug cannot?

photo 2

So all you mommies, daddies, husbands, sisters (Mine is awesone! She hugs and kisses,) please go out there and hug your loved ones. Life is too short. It’s a matter of one second to let go of your inhibition. And the returns are unbelievable.

Maybe one day you will convert a non-hugger like those kids converted me!

photo 1 (1)

photo 2

PS: Try hugging a dog. It’s even better!


One thought on “Have you been hugged lately?

  1. Giving and receiving a warm genuine hug is a great feeling. It feels loved (when you get it from your wife and other family members) and cared (when you get it from friends and close associates).

    A warm and genuine hug is like that saying, “me hoon na”.


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