My hands..

I wrote his exactly 17 plus years ago for the son! I have just unearthed old pictures and both the kids’ baby books. I’m alone in Bangalore, and chuckling loudly. Ive perhaps had the best morning in a lot of mornings.


I’m very irritated!!

My hands, they wont co-operate,

They move on their own accord….

… and leave me feeling desperate.


The other day..

I felt a tickle in my nose.

I tried to scratch it, and

I got pretty close.

But, zooped slipped my hand.

With a might of its own, they

Went and scratched my cheeks.

Boy! You should have heard me shriek.


New Year’s eve was another story.

Mamma felt Oh! So sorry.

I was trying to hold a conversation over the phone

With someone in the other zone!

Instead my hand grabbed my hair and yanked it hard.

And it just wouldn’t let go,

Till I howled off the ground floor.


Yesterday didi (Kanak) kissed me very hard.

It hurt, so I wanted to scratch her back.

Obviously.. my unsteady hands.

Patted her cheeks instead.


Because, of all these problems.

I howl when I’m unwrapped.

I like to stay tied up because,

Then I know..

My naughty hands are trapped.


Tanay Somani

2nd January 1996

Thirani House. Breach Candy.


2 thoughts on “My hands..

  1. So very well written, joting down memories of the kids is the best way to remember their past. Else they just as hazzy shadows.

    Love Pragati


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