Pangkaur Laut – Malaysia

I swear the babies were small, alien looking, fetus’ swimming in my uterus, not more than 2 years ago! Or so it seems. They are actually now, young competent adults and the hub and me just celebrated out 25th anniversary.

It had to be a very special get away, and we were highly recommended Pangkaur Laut, in Malaysia.

Its a 3/ 4 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. We got a local holiday, so the roads were clear and we were there within 3 hours.

Once the hotel is booked, they have additional (chargeable) services, and book you a taxi too. And a great taxi service it was. We had good comfortable seats, chilled atmosphere even before we sat in the car, a free wifi password, and a nice competent driver.

We reached the docks, where they had their check in and then ferry to the resort.

The resort itself is an island. Its not easy to go back to the main land very often. Two reasons :- 1) They charge each time you have to take a ferry. (Yup! even for your first time into the island!) 2) There is not much to do in the mainland. One has to travel all the way for an hour or so to reach some sort of non village area.

But fact is – unless you are there writing a novel, and intend to stay for a few months, you dont need to get out.

They have fabulous restaurants. All types of cuisines. The breakfast spread is crazy.

The cuisine supervisor, will guide to through the restaurants and make your booking as well. Most restaurants need a booking in advance. Not way in advance, but its advisable to go through the cuisines and book as soon as you reach.

The rooms- Amazing rooms. We stayed in the Sea Villas. All rooms are independent. they have mountain villas (I found it very tedious to go all the way up the mountain 3 or 4 times a day, but thats my opinion.)

The spa villas are towards the end of the property and great for someone taking spa treatments. They also have some garden villas. We loved our rooms. They were sea facing, with a small private balcony, and bang in the middle of the property. PS – No wifi in the rooms. You are supposed to chill!!

Spa- and what a spa!! I cannot wax eloquent enough. They have a knowledgeable doctor on board, who suggests treatments for you. The pre spa itself sends you into a stupor. We also had a couple’s spa. Really speaking, all the spas were amazing. One of the best I have been to.

Service – was unbelievable! I was getting ready for a dinner, and my earring bounced off and slipped out of the room door, and straight into the sea. I went to the reception and asked if it can be retrieved and left it at that. The tide was coming in, and frankly I thought its gone. Within an hour, I was sitting next to the diver, who had gone in and fished it out from the moving sand, and clicking a picture with him. I mean – who would do that?? Fabulous service, great customer relations and they have in me a fan for life.

20150206_140525 20150206_144830

The beach (Emerald Bay,  is on the other end of the island. If you are the trekking variety, you can go via the forest area. We just sat in the shuttle car, and went and spent a day there. They have a decent bar, food and service by the day. The water is protected by nets, a few kilometers down, so sea life like iguanas etc dont come in.

The island is spectacular. The have the sea on one side, and the tropical forest on the other. Great bird species, iguanas swim from across another island and bathe in the massive rocks. Great fauna and flora. I saw hornbills and god knows how many different varieties of kites and other larger birds. I also saw an otter, rolling in the sand.

Special dinners can be arranged. We had one by the sea, on the day of our anniversary. It was outstanding. The service, the food and the ambience. Something I will always remember and cherish. A dinner that will always make me smile.

Specially for our anniversary
Specially for our anniversary

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