Limburg – Whisky Fest



Limburg is a small village in Germany. Picturesque as villages go.



The Mad Drinking Fest
The Mad Drinking Fest

The two-day whisky fair, takes place every year.

We headed there at 11 am. And I was drunk by 11.30 am.

It’s complete and utter madness.

so much daaru
so much daaru

One is handed a glass, which you have to hold on to. Then you make your way to the various stalls. Some of them have the normal 18 year olds, but some stalls have fantastic older bottles, (and at a good wholesome, pocket breaking cost, I might add!) and every sip penetrates your skin and blood.

One day is enough. Actually for me one hour was enough!!



It’s very, very crowded as it’s held in a building. Though the weather was nippy, it quickly got very claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Proper food and water was not available. Well it was – but no one knew where!

So go with a huge bottle of water and after a even huger breakfast! Ummm! Taking a party smart is also a good idea!

Places to stay are not great. Very average!

Food for a vegetarians = bull shit!

One day is enough!

But definitely an experience. Must do it once. Whats not to like about one day of extreme drinking!


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