Peanut Curry

I visit Bangalore (now Bengaluru) quite often. The local care taker’s wife is an amazing cook. So intermittently I will post recipes from her kitchen.

This is Rekha. Most of the ingredients she uses are from her village. They are fresh, and have an aroma, not found in the markets here.

Rekha. Clean, neat and methodical.
Rekha. Clean, neat and methodical.


Peanuts 200gms. (Raw with skin. Not roasted)

♦Try and use the best quality and freshest peanuts available. You cannot use salted or roasted peanuts in this recipe.

Green chillies 2 large ones

Tomato 1 large or 2 middle size ones

Kadi patta (6 big ones of 8 to 9 small ones)

Mustard seeds Appx ¼ teaspoon

Sambhar masala ½ + ½ teaspoon

Haldi ¼ + ¼ teaspoon

Dhania powder ½ + ½ teaspoon

Oil 4 to 5 tablespooons (dont worry, it wont be floating in oil)

Onion 1 small – chopped

6 pods of garlic crushed

Kadipatta 6 leaves (No. I have not repeated by mistake)

Red chilli dry 1


For the Tadka
For the Tadka


Crush the peanuts.

Crush them with a heavy vessel. Here we used a stone garlic pounder.
Crush them with a heavy vessel. Here we used a stone garlic pounder.
This is how it looks after de skinning.
This is how it looks after de skinning.

De Skin them. The old fashioned Indian way is the best.

De Skinning the peanuts.
De Skinning the peanuts.

photo 2

Keep aside.

Make a paste of Tomato and kaddipatta (the first lot), with a little water.


In a kadhai (indian wok), add oil. Let it heat then sprinkle the mustard seeds.

Add onions and garlic.

♦Nope , I have not missed the kadipatta and chillies both green and red. Rekha adds them after the onions have roasted, so that the chillies and kadipatta does not burn.

Once the onions have roasted, add the red and green chillies, and kadipatta.



Add the crushed peanuts. Add salt. And haldi, dhania powder, sambhar masala. At this point add the first half of the given quantities.

Roast the peanuts for a few minutes.

Add the tomato paste.


Now add the rest of the masala – ie:  haldi, sambhar masala, dhania powder.

Cover the dish and cook for a good while. The peanuts should cook.

Check for salt and serve hot with Jowar Roti.


♦Please excuse the picture quality. The Bangalore weather, does not lend to continuous bright sunny moments.  When Rekha was making this dish, it was pouring outside. The air got nippy, and as the aroma of the food rose up, we started thinking of this peanut curry with hot soft Jowar Roti.

Do send comments on this one. Rekha will be very pleased.


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