Long Summer Shadows

I wrote this a while ago.

The sea has always been a part of my life. I can be called fanciful for saying, that when in need of guidance, I would stand next to the sea and get my answers. I have never regretted all those decisions taken on the basis of these answers.

Long summer shadows,

Over cool, cool sand.

Sitting by the beach,

I gaze at the sea.

The waves are talking,

And the wind is whispering –

It’s secrets to me.


Secrets of life,

And, talks of living.

What I understood is –that,

Life is for forgiving.


Love the ones you love,

Never forget to tell them so.

Hugs should be free,

Even for your foes.


Spread good rumors.

Let the dirty ones rot.

Fill up everyone’s happiness pot.


Laugh a lot.

Dance in the moonlight.

Hold on to dreams.

And let the stars connect.


And when you get up.

(From the cool, cool sand.)

Your leg might be asleep.

But your soul has been set free.

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