Goa – the land of toddy, feni, siestas and fish! Every where we ate, the sea food menu far out did the veg menu. And Pork!! Goans and their Siesta and Dukkar!

We stayed in Casa Colvale. Back of the Beyond.

By the Chopra River
By the Chapora River

If you don’t mind driving 40 minutes to the closest good eatery, and if you dont require extreme luxury – stay there. Because the people are lovely, service fabulous. It’s clean, romantic, extremely peaceful, and the small pool is clean and water beautifully chilled, set in the midst of a forest and by the river Chapora, Siolim.

Places to eat –

Mustard. It’s a mix of Bengali cuisine and French. Both of which use heavy doses of mustard. Bengalis use Kasundi, and the French, version of Dijon. Both potent!

Bomras. Oriental at its best. Beautiful settings, slightly bad service. (PSST – I think my server had inhaled some substance which made him slur and his nose water!) Decentish veg options. The rock fish with galangal is highly acclaimed. PS – order the khowsuey in advance. Its really nice, but not readily available.

Gunpowder. Authentic coastal cuisine. You wont get idli dosa there. Look for their appam’s, ishtew, and fish curry.

La Plage. Shack/ restaurant by the sea. Go there with you costume, jump into the sea, have a few drinks, have a meal, chill and spend the day there. Great service.

Thalassa. On the cliff, by the sea, great food, awesome sunset. Book in advance. Well in advance.

J&A. Amazing Pizza’s. But the service has fallen some.

I have a friend sitting next to me, itching to get hold of some pics on my computer. She also has some suggestions for Goa.

Sinq and Cavalla Night clubs. Look for their bollywood and retro nights.

Leela Cottages. Elevar Restaurant . Another place like La Plage. But its seems La Plage is loosing its plot, in comparison to Leela Cottage. Try the baked Camembert cheese, says friend who breathes down my neck.

Fiesta Old favourite. Still does well.

Curlies. Famous shack. Go. Party. Eat and feel the sand between your toes.

Jardin D’Ulysse. Comes highly recommended.

Go with the flow. S A A. So many restaurants were recommended to me. This was one of them. We needed more than 15 meals to complete the list given by friends.

Antares. Started by Master Chef, runner up no 5 or something. Giving Thalassa a run for it’s money. Book in advance.

PS : Look out for Goan Poi bread, Balchao Naan, Balchao Prawns, Fish Curry, Goan Xacuti. All local favourites.

Do have a Feni and Toddy based Cocktail. If you have the gumption, try it their way, neat with whatever they mix it. I don’t know as I have never had the guts to try.

Sit and Chill. Goa is for relaxing, eating and drinking, Chatting and Catching up. Enjoy!

IMG_2943Underneath the Coconut Tree. 

Sitting under the whorls.

Staring at the sky,

My word mixing with yours.

Conversations in the breeze.

Catching up.

Old times and New.

Planning the future.

Blessing the past.

For it brought me to you.

And you can be compared to very few.

(For Mr. Somani – cheers to our many days in the sun!)



I hear music.

I hear music everywhere.

In spas,

In bars,

And in the valley, very far.


I hear music in my brain.

And the  hum of beats through that beat boxer in the train.

I hear it in the delighted squeals of my nieces and nephews,

It sounds grand when I hear a music review.


I hear music when the kids are back home,

And their feet go tap tap on the stairs.

When their friends call out Kanky!

And in the next breath “Hello aunty!”


When my son makes the dog run

and go crazy,

And apologizes to him,

Because normally he is so lazy.

I hear music every where,

In my friends soothing voice,

And that particular friend,

Whose “hello” sets me in peals of laughter.


I even hear it in grins,

and hugs,

In happiness,

and in love.


I hear it when the sisters and sisters in law chat,

and when the husband calls me fat!

I hear it in the brothers breath.

I listen to it for the benefit of my health.


I hear music everywhere.

In this that and the other,

I hear music always,

Because I can!!







Dead Ends

Dead Ends,

And long roads.

Closed doors,

And uneven floors.


Chilly winter nights.

A lovers’ fight.

Hefty bills.

Betrayals that kill.


So many negatives,

In one small life

We forget to see

The beauty we can derive.


Block them out.

Those that don’t value you.


Words that give their mean plans away.

Deeds that make you a game that they can play.


Leave them out.

Push them off –

For lives equation has too many variables

and no place for such incompetence.



Live my friend.

But amongst those

Who love you,

And with them –

Who you choose.



Long Summer Shadows

I wrote this a while ago.

The sea has always been a part of my life. I can be called fanciful for saying, that when in need of guidance, I would stand next to the sea and get my answers. I have never regretted all those decisions taken on the basis of these answers.

Long summer shadows,

Over cool, cool sand.

Sitting by the beach,

I gaze at the sea.

The waves are talking,

And the wind is whispering –

It’s secrets to me.


Secrets of life,

And, talks of living.

What I understood is –that,

Life is for forgiving.


Love the ones you love,

Never forget to tell them so.

Hugs should be free,

Even for your foes.


Spread good rumors.

Let the dirty ones rot.

Fill up everyone’s happiness pot.


Laugh a lot.

Dance in the moonlight.

Hold on to dreams.

And let the stars connect.


And when you get up.

(From the cool, cool sand.)

Your leg might be asleep.

But your soul has been set free.

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