I hear music.

I hear music everywhere.

In spas,

In bars,

And in the valley, very far.


I hear music in my brain.

And the  hum of beats through that beat boxer in the train.

I hear it in the delighted squeals of my nieces and nephews,

It sounds grand when I hear a music review.


I hear music when the kids are back home,

And their feet go tap tap on the stairs.

When their friends call out Kanky!

And in the next breath “Hello aunty!”


When my son makes the dog run

and go crazy,

And apologizes to him,

Because normally he is so lazy.

I hear music every where,

In my friends soothing voice,

And that particular friend,

Whose “hello” sets me in peals of laughter.


I even hear it in grins,

and hugs,

In happiness,

and in love.


I hear it when the sisters and sisters in law chat,

and when the husband calls me fat!

I hear it in the brothers breath.

I listen to it for the benefit of my health.


I hear music everywhere.

In this that and the other,

I hear music always,

Because I can!!







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