The Blog feed is going to get very erratic for a while. The second and last kid is leaving for college. It’s a time of great pride and utter panic. I lie back most days and think of things which might never come to past, and that’s the time my friend’s voice echoes loudly in my head. She has taught me to look at things positively. I am normally not a morbid person, but sometimes my mind can evoke ghosts and all that is toxic.

I have many people to thank in my life, for no one achieves anything in isolation. So here is my outpouring of thanks to the many people who have taught me various lessons in life.

One traditionally begins with their parents, but I will not. I have to start with my two sets of grandparents.

I saw my paternal grand father for all of one and half years of my life. He passed away too early. But I remember him. Dad says the last few years he lived for me. And when one is told that someone lived only for you, one toes the line when going off track. Grand-mom, is the soul of generosity. Unconditionally, she has bought up various children of various distant cousins and all were treated like her only child – my Dad. No one has a count of how many people she has got home and taken care of through myriad diseases and illnesses.

The maternal grand father invoked a love for books, which I passed on to my daughter. Grand mom was something else. On her, I want to write a book. She has taken care of me through out my life. She is no more, but I owe my first thanks to her for all that is nice in my life.

Dad was a maverick parent. He taught me to iron, make the bed, plait my hair, and other stuff which Dad’s don’t teach. I’ve seen Dad be pleasant to the most disgusting of people. I’m volatile and could never understand it. But now that I have kids of my own, I get the point. Whatever discipline I have in life, is because of him.

Mom always said that “What ever you do, do it to the best of your ability”. I’ve passed that one on to the kids as well. Love for music, creative bent of mind, wild adventurous nature – all Mom’s gift to me.

My aunt. She was there for me when I was at my rebellious best. When no one made sense, she got into my head and sorted me out. My career in cooking and love for creative food comes from her. She was and will be the get- set- go of my life.

My elder sister – my back bone. Never known somebody with a more quick wit. Adore her, for all that she is. She is my “go to” for all sorts of troubled spots I get myself into.

The younger sister, with her unconditional love,is my “always there” pal. I love her immensely. There is no specific reason – I just do.

The husband – he needs a book of his own – written by me. I have lived with him more years than my parents. My support, in all things mad. He keeps me safe and I keep him wild! That’s our pact!

The kids- my life line and my heart and soul. I have to thank them for being born, for being my kids and making my life a huge wide bowl of spice and all that’s nice.

The friend – she knows who she is. She will hide the body of the person I murder, and only after that, slap me for getting into trouble. The universe bought her late into my life. But the universe never makes false entries and exits. I am saner because of her.

My Sister- in – law- That one person who has kept the family tingling with love and acceptance.

The other: sister – in – law. And her two adorable kiddos. How dull life would be without them. Another one, with mad sense of humor. She met with an accident some years back, and I never ever, saw her shed a tear. To be able to smile through such pain… if I know someone like that and not learn from her? Who would be a bigger fool than me?

And because this blog is getting big, I am stopping here. My life has been full of the most wonderful people. Some are still here and some have exited by choice. Many have not been mentioned. I have to thank them all and will do so by and by.

I do believe, very firmly, that one changes everyday. If nothing else you grow a day older.

2 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. This post called THANKS reminds me of an invite I recvd from a young single mother (my daughter’s age) She had formed a group called Express-O Where All the invitees gatherd together to share thier views on a particular topic over a cup of coffee . The only condition to b part of this group was that It is mandatory to buy a coffee for ur self . I was invited to talk on gratitude . Born in an aristocratic family & married while still in my teens into a very traditional family ,totally different from the enviornment I was used to for 17 yrs of my childhood to teen life ,I had lot to b grateful to . The uppermost on my list was my hubby with whom I literally grew up & who supported me in every part of my life which helped me a great deal to adjust in my new home . To my grandmother Who trained me to take up any & every challenge in life , To my uncle who groomed me to keep in touch with the happenings of the world & introduced me to the modern world which was a big no no from the views of my granny , To my mom who did not want me to face any difficulty in life as per the natural feelings of a mothers protective mamatva . I really had the best which life cud offer me with the grace of dear GOD . It was awesome to read the blog from where this writer expressed her gratitude to the various people in her life It made my belief even more stronger that every person is born with some karmic relationships which helps him/ her to easily cross the vast ocean – which is LIFE ,because of certain people who make a very important part of her / his life . May GOD bless us all who believe in this beautiful karmic law of relationships 🙏👍

    Sent from my iPhone f Shashi Binani



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