Oktoberfest – Munich

The fact that we were found sleeping in our own beds, and not huddled under a park bench, is still a mystery to me. Such was the copious amounts of alcohol consumed.

Munich – Oktoberfest- Beer drinker’s haven.

My boys in beerland!
My boys in beerland!

If you don’t have a table booked in a tent (and if you do, you are my bestest friend ever!)- well then, there is away out – ahh! Way in!  Once the fest opens up, and the mad rush to consume beer abates a wee bit, make your way to the festival grounds, on a week day. We went on a Monday. When we reached the grounds, we saw that they were allowing people into tents. Exhilarated we all ran in. Our beer loving friend, ran around cajoling the beer servers ( mostly women) and got us a table.

What’s the big deal about a tent you say? One can sit outside and drink too — open air and all that!

Sure!! So we thought. But the tent was complete madness. They had a band playing in the centre, and suddenly a man would get up and try to go bottoms up on a litre of beer! And everybody around him would cheer him, egg him on, the band would pick up a beat to keep in time with him, and if he failed the entire tent of 3000 people would boo him! But if he made it…. he was proclaimed a hero!! AND – if he stood on a table to gather attention, he would be unceremoniously escorted out of the tent! But only after he made his attempt at the bottoms up!  We had to vacate the tent by 6 pm though!!


The music band inside the tent
Sitting outside
Bottoms up!


My beer crazy friend! See the size of the glasses
My beer crazy friend! See the size of the glasses.
IMG_2277 Beer glasses are cleaned with lightening speed! And filled as rapidly as a fighter plane breaking the sound barrier.


Beers arrive in barrels. On horse carriages. Horses with shining coats, going clip clop.     

When we went to the fest in 2013, we were shocked to see rides. What were rides doing in a beer fest?! One half of the fair ground is all rides. And the fair ground is massive. Unbelievable rides, horror shows, and the works. It put universal to shame!


This one swings and then drops down! FAST!


Haunted House.


It takes you up, up, up. Makes you

wait, keeps you hanging, then – DROPS!

Viktualienmart   This is an open farmers market (open through the week!) We stopped here for lunch. The vegetarians had options of fresh breads, dips, magnificent display of olives, cheeses of all kinds, and smoothies and juices (you think we touched juices??!!)  The non vegetarians – went mad! Bratwurst! The world famous – Pork suasages. We had to use a wad of tissue paper to stop their saliva from drooling, as we were sitting right next to the stall and the smell was making them loose control! Word of suggestion – eat and go for the beer fest! And there is no place better than this. Also pick up some good gourmet stuff to take back home. I picked up some red chillies. They just reached out their spicyness and whispered wonderful things in my ears.

Dallmayr: Very fancy gourmet store. They have this orange liquor called Naranja. YUM!


Restaurants and Pubs: Munich is the gourmet destination of Germany. You will be surprised with the food.

Hofbräuhaus München. Old german style restaurant. Great food. Try their mushrooms.

Augustiner Dom : Old School german. comforting.

For some gourmet names – click here.

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl   : for them pork sausage lovers.

The Lowenbräukeller : Beer garten! My favourite beer in Munich.

Some more famous names.

We did not do too much of eating and absolutely no sight seeing. Concentrated only on drinking. Both the times I was there.

The hotels are frightfully expensive during this time. And if not booked on time – not available.

Go with friends. We went, just two of us, in 2103. It was amazing. But with friends (and mind you, they should be a little on the eccentric side) – it’s an unforgettable experience.

Eat well before the fest. Go to different tents and taste all kinds of beers. The Weiss beer in Munich is very very nice.


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